This is a forum for research on the different branches of the Gatter Family. The ultimate goal of this exercise is to publish a Book on all Gatter families, for all Gatter families (the image on the right is how it may once look). .It will be bilingual German-English. Not all the information gathered for the book can be given here. It would simply be too time consuming to present all the data in web-format. Thus, no complete genealogies are given here and also no genealogical information of living Gatters is revealed. This site is nevertheless trying to provide an overlook on the origins of the different branches of our family.

The project, I admit, is a bit ambitious, since the origins of the Gatter family are manyfold. The Gatters originate from Continental Europe (Austria, Germany, Bohemia, France, Hungary, etc.) as well as from Great Britain. There are Protestant Gatter families from the German Rheinland and Württemberg, and Catholic ones from Bavaria, Palatinate and Austria. There are also several Jewish Gatter lines originating from Russia as well as American Gatter Families of African descent, who chose or were given the name of Gatter after being freed from Slavery in the 19th century.


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Thus, in order to be successful this project needs all your support. If you have genealogical data on Gatters, old documents and family photographs, or photos of the homes, villages and graves of your Gatter ancestry, then please be so kind and make good quality copies available to this project.