The grandchildren and great-grandchildren of the Gatter car builder
Willibald Gatter on a ride in the last surviving Gatter car.





The Beran's are fueling the Gatter car in their beautiful garden in northern Bohemia,
while Willy Gatter's great-grandchildren are eagerly watching every move.





With 40 km/h we drive though the narrow Czech streets. The car masters the pot-holes astonishingly well and one gets the impression to sit in a four wheel drive. Conversation is nearly impossible, the noise of the two-stroke engine is overwhelming and recalls the muffled sounds of a machine gun... dum, dum, dum, dum...

When we climb a steep hill, the engine suddenly stops and the car rolls backwards. I start sweating and nervously try to open the door. I am reminded of the stories of my grandfather who took part and won many ralleys in the Alpes and the Tatra Mountains. When the descent or climb of the road became to steep, he opened the door so that he could jump out in case the breaks run hot and fail to function.

We however managed to stop the car, but there was no way to start it again on this steep climb... thus we had to push the 500 kilo car. My son Ruben was eager to help.


































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