Many places in Germany and Austria carry the name "Gatter". Like a belt they are situated around the northwestern and southwestern edges of Bohemia - and are located in Eastern Germany, Bavaria, and lower Austria. Some of these towns and areas may be the places of origin of some Gatter Families. Others, like the Gattersburg - the "Gatter-Castle" were named after Gatters.


The Gattersburg

The "Gattersburg" (Gatter-Castle") located on the Mulde River in Grimma, was built in the 1792 by Christian Gatter, the chef of the cuisine of the Duke of Saxony and later on Judge of the area. The Gatter book will give more on the life of Chr. Gatter and his genealogy.

The picture on the right shows the Gattersburg in 1867.

In 1882 Max Schroeder bought the Gattersburg, and between 1887-1888 changed its appearance in how we know it from many postcards (see below). The buiding until today has remained one of the most beautiful sights of the city of Grimma and along the Mulde River.

Today the building is a hotel - www.gattersburg.de












Since the beginning of the End of the 19th century, the Gatterburg has become a restaurant with beautiful view on the Mulde River.



a little town in eastern Germany









Gatersleben, is old maps still spelled with 2 "t". The origin of the name is believed to be "Gatter's Lehen", meaning the "fief of Gatter", Gatter or Gater said to be an old Germanic name of a person.

Between 1381 and 1456 town and castle were governed by the knight Hans von Krosigk and his descendants, who are among the ancestry of the Bohemian Gatter family.







Neugattersleben is located close to Gatersleben in eastern Germany. Being a "newly" founded town (around the year 1200) it was called "Neu", meaning "new". Interesting to see that the double 't' has survived here, whereas the original settlement Gatersleben is today spelled with one 't' only.

This picture shows the castle of the von Alvensleben family who is among the ancestry of the Bohemian Gatter line.



Chateau Gatterburg in Retz, Austria


    The Gatterburg got its name from the Gatterburg family. When ennobled in the 16th century, this family changed its name from Gattermayer to von Gatterburg.



You will have to wait for the book to find many more places called Gatter and learn a bit more about their history


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