In the 1920 US Federal Census 9.2 % of Gatter households (or 14 of 152) are of African-American origin. They are classified as Colored (11), Black (2), and Mulatto (1). The heads of family originate from Florida (3), Alabama (1), South Carolina (1), North Carolina (1), Kentucky (1), Kansas (1), Mississippi (1), and Texas (1). The four households led by females were omitted here, since these ladies are likely not to be Gatters by birth.

The 1930 US Census index lists individuals. Now 401 Gatters live in the US of which 60 (or 15 %) are of African origin. With a few exceptions the African-American Gatters still live in the old plantation states of the South, where their forefathers had once toiled as slaves. We find them in Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, South- und North Carolina, and Virginia.



But some of them have alread found their way to the industrial centers of the North, to where many Americans of African descent had headed during the Great Migration of the 1930s and 1940s. We find them in Illinois (Chicago) and Ohio.

I found so far very litte information on the African-American Gatters. Should you be one of them, I should be very glad to hear from you and learn a little bit more.

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