The Gatters of Alsace were found since the early 19th century in the villages of Bischheim and Hochfelden, located towards the northwest of Strassbourg (see red marked area in map below). Around 1880 they appear also in Strassburg. It is quite possible that there is a link with the Gatters of the Palatinate region in Germany (about 40 kilometers further north). However, dispersed Gatters appear in France already in the early 1700s.

Also to the east and southeast of Strassbourg on the German side of the Rhine River (in Altenheim and Waldkirch) Gatters were found already around the year 1600.

Today the Franch Gatters live spread between the Alsace and the region of Paris.


Strassbourg, capital of the Alsace Region in the 1840s


Map of the Region around Strassbourg


Bischheim is located between Hochfelden and Strassbourg


    ...............The town of Hochfelden in Alsace


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