(Breslau, Görlitz)

In Breslau (today Worclaw in Poland) on the Oder River we find end of the 19th century Paul Gatter who marries on July 8, 1884 Anna Schneider.

Breslau in the 1840s


It seems possible that these are the parents of Paul Carl Richard Gatter. He was born on June 4, 1885 in Breslau as son of a merchant and married in 1917 Julia Barsch, daughter of the Silesian Poet Paul Barsch. Gatter worked as teacher in the easter German city of Görliz and as anti-fascist was member of the socialist city council in the time after 1945, responsible for culture and education.


Paul Gatter hat 3 sons: Ludwig Gatter 1919-1957 a journalist in Breslau and Cologne, F. Gatter (born 1923) a teacher once in Burgtonna, who is living in western Germany today, and Heinrich Gatter (born 1925) who lost his life in the Russia campaign of World War II.






Their descendents live in Germany today, among them ist the famous German TV journalist Peter Gatter (1943-1997), the politician S. Gatter, and the writer N. Gatter (meet him at: who wrote a fascinating account on the family history in the Görlitzer Magazin 1999, 13. Jahrgang, pages 62-84 (in German).




Novel of the well known film "Heavenly Creatures" by the writer N. Gatter
Book on the German Green Oarty by journalist Peter Gatter


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